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As the President of the Utah Nurses’ Association and in partnership with American Nurses Association, Utah Organization of Nurse Leaders, Utah Action Coalition of Health, and Utah Nurses Association, we invite you to be part of the national screening on
May 6, 2015 of

“The American Nurse”

 A 90-minute feature film following the lives of five nurses and their patients

The American Nurse will be shown in Provo, Utah.

See the attached flyer for details.

This film is for all nurses as well as anyone thinking about becoming a nurse and is also a way to honor a nurse you love who is a member of your family or a close associate.

At each screening there will be a panel to discuss nursing as a career and answer questions you may have about nursing.

We hope to see you there!

Catherine Coverston RN, PhD

UNA President




 Announcing Utah Nurses Association Awards Recipients

Our 100th anniversary….. The Utah Nurses Association formed  in January  --- 1914….and we met for the first time October 19, 1914…nearly one hundred years before our Centennial Banquet on October 9, 2014.  Our banquet was well-attended with most of our award recipients present. We are honored to name the following outstanding nurses and their accomplishments.  Please congratulate them when you see them!  Or drop an email!!!  Thanks to all who nominated candidates for these awards. (To be nominated was, in itself an award from the nurses who know you best.) The award decisions were difficult. We all should recognize the great nurses we work with where ever we are!

Vickie Baer -  Outstanding Nurse Researcher (Clinical)(McKay-Dee Hospital)

Christopher De Haan -  Emerging Nurse Leader (LDS Hospital)

Kevin Foy - Outstanding Wasatch Front Clinician (VA Medical Center)

Evelyn Jorgensen  - Outstanding Nurse Historian (Retired Brigham Young University)

Sandra Mangum  - Outstanding International Nurse Volunteer (Retired Brigham Young University)

Gigi Marshall - Outstanding Nurse Educator (Academic) (Roseman University of Health Sciences)

I. Marlene Summers - Outstanding Nurse Educator (Clinical)(McKay-Dee Hospital)

Susan Thornock - Established Nurse Leader (Weber State University School of Nursing)

Barbara Wilson - Outstanding Nurse Researcher (Academic)(University of Utah College of Nursing)

Nu Nu Chapter of STTI - Nursing Group with Outstanding Community Service (Weber State University)

Paula Julander  - Lifetime Nursing Award (Retired citizen of Utah!)











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